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15 weeks out May 3, 2010

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I had a great weekend. It was full of good friends and the best part is, I stayed 100% on plan all weekend! I love it!

I dropped another 2 lbs this week, making my total loss 10 lbs in 6 weeks since I started the comp diet. I am down 30 lbs since last August  which makes me 14 pounds less than I was before I got pregnant with my son. SO EXCITED!  I have 5 more pounds to go to get to my June 5 goal. I am totally going to blast right by it!

I emailed with my diet coach and he said that as long as I keep my diet on plan and get those workouts in, I will most likely make my August 14 goal for the competition. This was extremely encouraging. I was starting to feel, due to my slip-up last week while being sick, I wasn’t going to make it. I’ve had a TON of negative self-talk like “what the hell am I doing?” “I’ll never make it” “I’ll never belong with those girls” “I am just a fat girl.” But after some soul-searching and advice from friends, I have decided to put that thinking aside and fake it till I make it! I know I’m not going to look like the girls who are super lean and fit, because this is the beginning of my journey, I just want to be proud of ME. Not in comparison to anyone else. That’s the plan.

So anyway, I got in a really great workout on Sunday. Quads, calves, core and biceps. Oh momma were my biceps burning!! It’s been a long time since I’ve done legs at the gym (instead of the home gym), and I attempted the leg press. The leg press machines at my gym are weird… where was the regular one?! I was looking for this:

… but they only had a weird one. I can’t even find a picture of it because I don’t know what it’s called.  Stupid 24 Hour Fitness and their fancy machines. Sometimes a girl just needs the oldie but goodies!

I finished off my workout with 10 minutes on the stair mill. Not long, but I had to be done by 4 to go pick up some new furniture for my little guy. I did burn 404 calories while at the gym for 60 minutes, so that’s awesome!

Then this morning at camp I designed a pretty intense cardio/leg day for my girls. I got to participate with them and got in a great workout already!

Here’s my plan for the rest of the week:

Tuesday– Shoulders/Chest/Triceps/Core + 45 minute stoller walk

Wednesday– 30 minutes in the stair mill right after camp (going to try this, see if it works timing-wise)

Thursday– Back/Hamstrings/Core + going to the zoo w/ the little guy so I’ll be walking a lot

Friday– 45 minutes on the elliptical or treadmill (whatever I’m feeling that day, maybe a little of each)

Saturday– Rest Day – my baby’s first birthday party!!!

Sunday–  Quads/Calves/Biceps/Core + 45 minutes pyramid cardio (it will be tough to get this workout in, need to be up early to accomplish before the day’s mother’s day activities begin).

I’m working from home this morning, then off to my last day at work!!! So excited for the changes in my life. I feel like I am becoming a totally new person and it feels wonderful!


weights, what are those? April 21, 2010

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Being honest here, since it is my blog and I can do that, I haven’t been attacking the weights like I should be. The diet has been on, but making the time to do weights is tough. After last Friday I was given the go-ahead by my doctor to resume my activities, but I haven’t gotten back in to it. I know that to really change my body I need to hit it hard. But the truth is, I am really waiting until I am done with working full-time, which is in just 10 days!  Until then, I’m going to keep the diet spot-on, getting in my cardio in the morning and teaching my classes.


Changes are coming April 14, 2010

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I started my April session of boot camp on Monday and the class is going well. I’ve got a diverse group of women, which is challenging me to plan for variations and modifications to the class. I enjoy it, and they work hard! It’s always interesting to see the changes from day 1 to day 20.

This past week has be very successful on the diet side. I feel like I’ve found my groove! I’ve got 18 weeks of dieting ahead of me, but seeing the weight drop and the clothes getting baggy is super motivating.

This past week on the workout front has been pretty much non-existent. The surgery I had last week really left me feeling uncomfortable and I just cannot do what I need to do. But, I get stitches out tomorrow and then I will be back on track on Friday!!

Okay, so now for the changes. In THREE WEEKS I will no longer be a jesk jockey. I’ve been given the opportunity to work from HOME for only 3-4 hours  a day. Which means the rest of the day I will be playin’ with my little guy and spending quality mommy time with him. This also means that I can get more stuff done during the day, get cardio in, etc, which will free up my nights to do weights. All-in-all, this change is HUGE for me, for my son and my husband. I cannot be more excited!


Salmon! April 8, 2010

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After consuming SO MUCH CHICKEN, I am REALLY excited that I get salmon for dinner! YAY!


Low carb week April 6, 2010

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Doing low carb all week due to my lack of ability to do cardio. I actually don’t mind the low carb days, cause I get whey at the end of the day. Yay for whey! 😉


The Plan for week of April 5 April 4, 2010

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The hubby is out of town Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, which means I won’t be able to go do cardio anywhere out of the house before work. Also, I’m having a wee bit of a surgical procedure done on Monday afternoon, so I may be limited there anyway (not sure what to expect).

Monday- Legs – before work  (will do circuit-style for cardio burn).

Tuesday- Arms (assuming cardio is out due to surgery)

Wednesday- Shoulders (assuming cardio is out due to surgery)

Thursday- Cardio after work with the kid in the stroller 🙂 (assuming I’m feeling up to it)

Friday- Cardio after work with the kid in the stroller 🙂

Saturday- Back  – Gym day! yay!

Sunday- Family walk with some intervals thrown in at the park (burpees, jump jacks)


easter candy is the devil

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and that’s all I have to say about that….

okay, maybe I have more to say.

I’ve gone a few weeks without having any candy, even though it’s been staring me in the face at home. Today, on Easter, I packed my food like a good comp dieter and dodged the “oooh, try this!” by family members. And despite that fact that I KNEW it was a bad idea, goodies ended up coming home with us. By the time we got home, my resolved weakened. I gave in, and I’m mad at myself.

My online-comp-dieting friend told me that I just need to get 2-3 weeks of consistency under my belt and it starts to get easier. Like the resolve just builds up and giving in becomes less of an issue because there’s more to lose. But alas, I need to start the clock over for my 2-3 weeks… I won’t let this deter me though. I didn’t fall face-first in to the candy jar, just had a minor indescretion, no reason to throw everything out the window.

Back on the horse.